Three more experts of GVC team were awarded the status of Recognized European Valuer (REV)

GVC’s valuers: Lasha Lezhava, Guga Datukishvili and Bakar Diakonidze attained the status of Recognized European Valuer (REV) recognized by the European Group of Valuers’ Associations (Tegova).

REV status is the mark of excellence in real estate valuation, demonstrating to international and local clients that the valuer is qualified to a consistent high European standard of practice. Since its inception it has been awarded by leading valuation associations across Europe. REV has the greatest impact is on local clients. In times of economic uncertainty, local clients seek out professionals with special knowledge and experience who can help them make difficult investment and pricing decisions. 

It should be noted that in Georgia there are only 6 REV valuers and all of them are members of the GVC team.